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The Early Years Service is responsible for regularly inspecting and monitoring all pre-schools, nurseries, creches and private schools that take children under 5 years. Child minders that are registered with Health and Social Services are also regularly inspected and monitored to ensure that they continue to meet the required standards.

States of Guernsey Education services.

The States of Guernsey Education Department operates a number of Support Services which provide advice and guidance to schools and the College of Further Education. Some support services work with children and young people with special educational needs, others support children, young people and their families across the education service.

The States of Guernsey Educational Psychology Service (EPS) applies psychology to the education of all children and young people.

This employment guide is intended to provide a summary of the statutory provision relating to employment rights in Guernsey.

Protection of public health, ecosystems and the environment from potentially polluting activities.

Every Child Our Future is a registered charity created to support initiatives to improve both literacy and numeracy skills in Guernsey and cultivate a culture whereby the community collectively takes responsibility for education.

States of Guernsey Housing schemes for people aged 18 and over who need care and support staff on hand.