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Event medical services, training, supplies and equipment.

Guernsey mental health links.

Largest organisation for girls and young women in the British Isles. Rainbows (aged 5-7), Brownies (aged 7-10), Guides (aged 10-14), Rangers (aged 14-25).

Money raised through our shops is used to train some of Guernsey's young people for work. Our aim is to build their confidence and increase social skills. We also teach teamwork and and the importance of it. Training is also given in specific skills such as manual handling, Electrical testing etc. We work closely with the Guernsey Employment Trust (GET).(Formerly Communicate)

Offers a private and confidential service for clients who wish to improve or maintain their mental and emotional health, and their sense of wellbeing.

Guernsey rural occupational workshop.

Provides activities and leadership and adventure training for 13-18 year old boys and girls.

A voluntary service to help clients overcome their alcohol and drug problems. GAAS offers one-to-one counselling sessions free of charge.

See also Guernsey Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council

The Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Service is a voluntary service to help clients overcome situations caused by their use of alcohol. We offer one to one counselling sessions, which are free of charge.

See also Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Services

Devoted to 'caring for carers' and their loved ones with dementia.