Organisations Directory

Charity supporting islanders and their families who are living with the long-term effects of brain injury. Provide a range of services that bring people together in a supportive environment helping them on their road to recovery and to a life back into the community.

Hospital, health services and social care.

Health Information Guernsey is a first stop information centre / service covering all aspects of disability and health related matters.

Run a variety of healthy lifestyle courses throughout the year.

Works to obtain funding to train dogs for deaf people in the Bailiwick.

Seek to assist disadvantaged local children, young people and youth organisations, and some specific individual needs.

The aim of the Helping Hands initiative is to support organisations and groups to fund acitvity they would otherwise be unable to undertake.

Home-Start is a charity aimed at providing help and support to families with children under five years old. Trained volunteers within the home offer support and friendship. The group aims to offer support, friendship and practical assistance in helping families develop their strengths and emotional well being to the ultimate benefit of their children.

A morning drop in for mental health service users. This service is run by the Recovery and Wellbeing Service. You need to be referred to this by Mental Health Services.

States of Guernsey social rented housing, property maintenance and repair, tenancy management.