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A Saturday morning drop-in offering peer support for people struggling with mental health problems. The service is available for carers, service users and non-service users alike.

Community centre focuses on young people and the elderly. Youth groups, playground and car park. Staffed voluntarily.

Hall hire 236531 / Info line 12015

Special needs school for primary age children. Also home to Child Development Centre.

Legal Aid Service can provide free or reduced cost legal advice and assistance to people with limited means who could not otherwise afford the cost of an advocate.

Provides compassionate and professional care to patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses, as well as their loved ones. Residential, respite and day care. No charge.

School for children and young people that experience social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD). For children aged 4-16, and can support up to 56 learners. Placement at Les Vois is by formal assessment.

Registered charity established to include, inform and support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community across the Channel Islands.

See also Trans Guernsey

Exercise on prescription scheme. Referral from GP required. 10-week programme. Cost is subsidised and includes one free swim per week. Life Fit Fitness package and Life Fit Personal Training also available.

Lifeline service is provided by Sure for those who are older or frail, have a long term condition such as heart disease, dementia, asthma, etc, or have physical or learning disabiities. Emergency line to allowing users to dial a number by the single press or a button, either on a central unit or personal alarm worn on a pendant. Contact PEH switchboard for referral.

Telephone facility where you can relate your experience of local health or social care and to advice where you think the HSC is doing well or to suggest where and how it might do better. Telephone line is manned by experienced volunteers from Health Information Guernsey, and you can remain anonymous when you call.