Independent voluntary organisation offering free and confidential services.

Run by volunteers gaining work skills who are support by the Recovery and Wellbeing Staff. Snacks and sandwiches.

How disabled people can enjoy Beau Sejour Leisure Centre and other Culture and Leisure Sites.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing operate a Disabled Badge Scheme for people who have severe mobility impairment, are registered blind or claim severe disability allowance. The Badge permits the driver of a vehicle carrying a dissabled person to park for up to two hours in half-hour and one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special spaces allocated for disabled parking for unlimited periods.

This scheme is aimed at helping people help themselves. A list of books has been specifically chosen by professionals for their quality as treatments for individuals experiencing difficulties. These books follow an evidence based approach which has been shown to be helpful to those experiencing a wide range of problems. The books can be borrowed free from the Guille-Alles Library.

Helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.