Consultant Diabetologist, Dietician, Consultant Nurse in Diabetes nad Diabetes Nurse Specialist. Support with lifestyle changes and treatment. Nurses are available on open self-referral basis. Referral required for Consultant Diabetologist.

Support and information for diabetics and their families.

Guernsey Sports Commission programmes to enable coaches and clubs to acquire disability specific knowledge and confidence in how best to work with someone with a disability. The Commission has developed resources for coaches from all sports to improve their coaching skills in this area, through forums and workshops with input from a range of experts.

The Disability Officer is part of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy Steering Group. Her two main projects are: 1) the provision of information and information services, 2) an audit of States’ policies, services and properties in the light of forthcoming disability leglisation.

Drug Concern is a charity involved in the delivery of services for those whose lives are affected by drug use within in the Bailiwick of Guernsey through education, information, advice, support and counselling.

The Dyslexia Day Centre is an outsourced service that provides specialist support and teaching for primary pupils with dyslexia.