Guernsey cancer services user group. Provides an informal opportunity for people affected by cancer to work together to improve cancer care on the island.

A sub-group of Liberate created to offer information, advice and support to any individual who feels they do not conform to the conventional ideals of the binary gender roles of male and female.

See also Liberate.

Unemployment benefit payments, employment advice.

Independent service offering free counselling and support to victims and witnesses.

Online information on opportunities for volunteer roles, charities, etc

Free group walks led by trained walk leaders. Each walk last approximately 45 minutes and starts from a different location each week.

Provide help and support to organisations providing youth and community activities within the parishes of St Saviour’s, Forest, Torteval and St Peter’s.

Based in Jersey. Purpose-built power catamaran that allows disabled and disadvantaged people to experience being at sea. Does trips to Guernsey.

Repair and maintenance for wheelchairs.


The wheelchair service assesses people’s need and prescribes wheelchairs. They also provide advice on posture (how to sit and move about), and can help to adjust and repair wheelchairs.

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